Dutch Bicycle Centre Nijmegen


The Dutch Bicycle Centre (DBC) in Nijmegen, the focal point for bicycle enthusiasts in the Arnhem-Nijmegen region, is situated at the site of the former Honig (soup)factory. Everything you need for your bicycle can be found here in a beautiful characteristic factory hall. A surface of approximately 2,500 m2 provides a meeting place for cycle enthusiasts as well as bicycle entrepreneurs. The various bicycle entrepreneurs are all experts in their own field. They are all either competitive cyclists or cycle enthusiasts. As a result of sharing knowledge, skills and experience the standard of quality is very high.

The Dutch Bicycle Centre is Giro Headquarters for the Giro d’Italia 2016.

At the Dutch Bicycle Centre you can find everything you need for:

  • repair and maintenance of your bike
  • e-bikes
  • mountain bikes
  • reclining bikes
  • racing bikes
  • light-weight kids’ bikes
  • designer bikes
  • adapted bikes
  • MTB clinics
  • bike-fitting
  • advice and technical questions
  • rental bikes
  • cycling wear, shoes and helmets
  • cycle navigation and computers
  • traffic safety and livability
  • cycle parts
  • advice, policy and research regarding cycling and mobility
  • marketing and cycling events
  • an excellent cup of coffee

Cyclist bar and cycling events

You are more than welcome at the DBC, 8b Waalbandijk in Nijmegen to go for a test drive on one of our special bicycles, to rent a bike, do an MTB-clinic, get advice, ask your technical questions and to be surprised by our innovations while enjoying a nice cup of coffee or a draught beer at our pleasant F-bar.
A lot is happening at DBC e.g. the preparations for Velo-city 2017, the world cycling conference which is being organized by Arnhem and Nijmegen collectively, expecting to attract 2,000 bicycle experts from all over the world. It is also possible to follow a technical course at the DBC, go to a fantastic Bicycle Film Night, attend a book introduction, participate in Spinning at the Waal, a velocipede meeting or any other special or funny bicycle activity. The Dutch Bicycle Centre is also available to third parties for the organization of bicycle activities.

In the run up to Velo City 2017 meetings are organized in the DBC by Fietsdiensten.nl and others in order to inform residents and entrepreneurs about the opportunities it will offer and to stimulate new bicycle initiatives. This way, some good ideas were put forward at the last meeting of ‘Nijmegen Cycling’, e.g. a green wave for cyclists to the city centre, making Nijmegen low-traffic, developing cycling apps at Radboud University, setting up a system for cargo bike parts, The Smart Rack designer competition, organizing Cyclehack, motor scooters and mopeds on traffic lanes instead of cycling lanes etc.

The origin of the Dutch Bicycle Centre


The idea of opening a business centre for bicycle entrepreneurs originated three years ago out of a cooperation between Fietsdiensten.nl and Stipbike. The business centre meant to spotlight the bicycle as a means for top-class sport, nation-wide sport, design enthusiasts and as a practical and durable means of transport. It soon became clear where the Dutch Bicycle Centre had to be established: Nijmegen. Nijmegen is a fantastic city for cycling: it is centrally situated, at its university research on health and mobility is carried out and it offers a beautiful hilly cycling environment with a lot of bicycle enthusiasts and innovative bicycle entrepreneurs. After following up some initial ideas various locations were examined, subsidy applications were sent off, a working committee was established and a number of meetings was organized. However, it was not until a spacious area in the Honig site was vacated, that the idea materialized. For bicycle entrepreneurs interested a limited amount of space is still available within the DBC.

About the Honig site

Covering 33,000 m2 the Honig site is Nijmegen’s latest hot spot. The City of Nijmegen wanted various constructive entrepreneurs within this large site, that would liven things up together. In the years to come the grounds around the Honig site are supposed to develop into popular residential as well as business areas, also as a result of the Waal front project. Cooperation within the DBC as well as with other entrepreneurs in Honig has resulted in over 1,000 weekly visitors.